A Death in Vienna

The Crimes

the planting of a bomb which resulted in an explosion in which Reveka Gazitt and Sarah Greenberg were killed and Eli Lavon was critically injured

a deception against the head of Israel’s Secret Service

the deployment of a governmental agent without permission

a car bombing which rendered a woman psychologically disturbed and which killed her young son

the murder of the Jews at Auschwitz

the theft of paintings, rugs, silver and possessions on March 14th 1938

the violinist Max Klein was assaulted and severely beaten

the murder of the Jews at Chelmno

the murder of fifteen Jews at Auschwitz over a piece of music

the murder of 800 children in experiments at the Spielgelgrund clinic

the possession of illegal documents by Renate Hoffman

the handing of secret documents to the agent of a foreign government

two commissionings of murders

a trespassing in Zichenbach

the theft of a signet ring, a watch and a photograph

an assault upon a police officer

criminal damage to a rental car

the murder of Max Klein, Holocaust survivor, with a plastic bag and a gold cord in the bedroom of his apartment

the murder of a Syrian man in a gentleman’s club is Istanbul, and the murder of the unfortunate female prostitute that was with him

a fraudulent banking transaction

violations of Swiss banking law by the recording of a conversation

the murders of the Death March from Birkenau

a man fraudulently passes himself off as a Professor of Comparative Religion

the illegal supply of a gun

the murder of an illegal arms dealer

the sending of a letter bomb

an attempted murder

the illegal bugging of a journalist’s house

an illegal border crossing into Chile

an assault

a suicide bombing

an illegal border crossing out of Austria

a bombing

a murder

Location Details

The office of Eli Lavon is hard to find, and intentionally so. It is located near the end of a narrow, curving lane, and has pale floors and a high ceiling, bowed bookshelves and green-tinted bullet-proof windows.

There is a dark bedroom in a chalet with a simple wardrobe.

A graveyard in a country town in Chile.

Other Details

Killings which were not crimes took place in Rome, Zürich and Cologne.

A criminal was turned into a spy and was therefore not arrested.

A kidnapping was authorised by the US Government.

The Detectives

Eli Lavon is a brown-eyed street surveillance specialist for the Israeli government, known also as ‘The Ghost”. He is also an archaeologist, and wears a suit smeared with ash, and a burgundy cardigan with elbow patches and a tattered hem. Outside, he wears an overcoat, a scarf wrapped twice around his neck, and a cap.

Gabriel Allon, also known as Mario Delvecchio and Gideon Argov is a secret agent for the Israeli government who poses as an art restorer. He has green eyes, black hair with greying temples, and wears a lunette, an oilskin coat, faded Wellington boots and a green waterproof poncho. Sometimes he wears a dark blue ski jacket, with a thick fleece pullover, heavy gloves and waterproof hiking boots.

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