Heirs of The Body

The Crimes

a stabbing in a nightclub in London

a murder in a bar brawl in Cape Colony, South Africa

the running of illegal rum from Jamaica to America

a man was pushed in front of a tram

a man was stabbed in the laburnum walk

a man was stabbed near a lake

a woman was given an abortificant against her will and against the law

The Murderer

The murderer was an hotelier in financial difficulty, trying to obscure the order of children born to a couple in the early C19th so that he can inherit a fortune. He was caught when his clothes made no sense.

The Detective

The detective was Daisy Dalrymple, a minor aristocrat unable to inherit her family’s fortune due to the laws of primogeniture. Married to a leading detective at Scotland Yard, she wears a navy costume – the skirt below the knee, a silk blouse in a blue paisley pattern, and a speedwell-blue cloche hat.

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