The Late Scholar

The Crimes

a man was locked into a bell chamber at the start of a trial run of Grandsire Doubles, his eardrums finally ruptured

an intruder drugged a man in his bed with a syringe

a man was murdered by a brass knob used as a projectile

a man was murdered with a samurai sword, his throat cut – virtually decapitated

some fences were damaged by the local hunt

a man was pushed down the stairs to his death

a man is poisoned with arsenic

a woman was imprisoned in her own house against her will

a man attempts to have a woman sectioned though she is not mad


Bredon Hall, with its long avenue of plane trees, was the remaining wing of a formerly grand house gutted by fire three years before the events of the text.

The rooms of the Vice-Warden of St Severin’s, Oxford, with bookshelves holding the complete Loeb classics.

The Warden of St Severin’s guest suite was grand and austere, with a splendid stucco ceiling, a four-poster-bed large enough for an orgy, and a bathroom of Victorian discomfort levels.

The Murderers

Michael Troutbeck, a man in early middle-age, wore a conventional three-piece suit with a gold watch-chain and a college tie.

Vearing, a thin, dignified middle-aged man with grey hair wore crumpled cavalry tweeds and a wine-coloured waistcoat.

The Detective

Harriet is a novelist, who wears a large ruby engagement ring, who is keen to read L.P. Hartley’s The Go-Between.

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